Sustainable Gifts - Enjoy giving gifts that matter!

Tuesday 3rd April 2018 at 13:28

When I first started to look at sustainable gift alternatives I really and naively hadn't thought much about my own impact on the world we live in,  as I started to do more research I realised that it's very simple to make small changes to how you live, what you buy and think about how things impact our own enviroment so many of the gifts you will see below will definitely be used in our house. By making small swaps to quality sustainable products not only will myself and my family be working towards living a more eco friendly lifestyle but we will also be teaching our kids about what we need to do now to make sure we arent producing the kind of plastic waste we currently are and also stripping our house of nasty toxic products that can have a negative impact on our health. 

I hope I have gone a little way to encouraging you to think about the products you are buying going forward and about how you can gift amazing eco friendly gifts and possibly change the mindset of others to be just a bit kinder to our planet...

For the eco home

Mojo Candle Co, Reclaimed wine bottle candles, Eco Luxe and deliciously addictive. Indulge yourself while being kind to mother nature... the Mojo team handcraft each candle in Sydney, Australia. The hand cut reclaimed wine bottles are hand poured with natural soy wax and topped with a sustainable cork topper. With beautiful scents such as French Pear, Frosted berries and violet and Rose Pepper and Black Mint there's a flavour out there for everyone.

Last year more than 480 million plastic bottles were brought around the world but despite all efforts to date the majority of these bottles end up outside of the recycling system.

Maybe your after a moving in gift for the eco home owner...check out this uber cool cushion from Pentatonic. The rich texture of the hopsack weave is amazingly made from old bottles, it's sturdy, robust, the fabric is woven in England, and the embroidery is beautifully hand stitched in Italy. But the coolest thing about Pentatonic are their amazing values; after your finished with your product they will buy it back from you at up to 15% of the original selling price and make it into something doesnt even matter if the product is worn or damaged...this amzing concept is called circularity...turning landfill into lifestyle and trash into treasure. I could go on and on about the amazing work that Pentatonic do, they are all about reincarnating what man has already made and not about creating new! Check out their website to hear all about their revolutionary ideas

I love their tagline Waste not. Want. Pentatonic

Cling film cant be recycled so instead a great swap is to move to a beeswax wrap and Lucy Cooper Loves Beeswax wraps are an ideal alternative gift idea for a food lover. Beeswax is 100% natural, water repellent and has natural antibacterial properties so is a perfect way to make your food look particularly pretty by wrapping your left over sarnies, cheese or leftovers in one of these beauts! Available in may different prints and sizes, check out


'My body is a temple' gifts

'Over 20 billion pounds of textiles end up in land fill every year'

Manduka yoga eKo mats - made from biodegradeable non amazon harvested tree rubber, manufactured with zero waste and with no harmful plasticizers. These fab mats have been developed by yoga teachers over 4 years and it's the most durable mat on the market. I love the amazing colours that these mats come in especially atoll blue. What a great gift for the yogi that likes to have the best of both worlds...a super sexy durable mat but also one thats been made thoughtfuly!

Manduka also produce sustainable yoga towels called Yogitoes that are made with 8+ recycled plastic water bottles and yoga blocks made of fine sustainable cork. It's definitely worth taking a look at their whole range as there are just to many beautiful designs to choose from.

Gift a friend or loved one with the gift of health with one of these fab Purearth juice cleansing packs. I think the Rainbow cleanse looks so pretty and appealing to the eye with its fantastic range of leafy greens, veggies and fruit formulated to reboot and revitalise and perfect for a first timer. I'd personally love to be gifted something like this for it's beauty enhancing, detoxifying, energising benefits. You can taylor the kit from anything from 1 to 14 days and a typical day includes a green juice, nut mylk, aloe tonic, Elixir shot and Kefir plus superfood greens, herbal tea's and epsom bath sounds just dreamy for this working mother of two surviving on no sleep lol!

And if you really want to go for it then order the deluxe seasonal cleanse, the perfect way to revive the body and mind! Their glass bottles are 100% recyclable and reusable and their award winning woolcool inserts are an ecofriendly alternative to polysterene which is sustainable, biodegrable and recyclable and made of 100% pure sheeps wool. Both the passion and knowledge behind 'The Green Team' that runs this amazing company use the power of organic produce from a place of integrity!

Other countries recycle alot more than we do. Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany recycle about 60% of their waste, compared with our rate of 45%

For the Kiddo's

Folpetto swimwear (I love this) Folpetto means Octopus in Venetian, and sums up Camilla the owner of this gorgeous comapny perfectly as she describes herself - every mothers desire is to be an octopus as who wouldnt want more arms to cuddle and protect our little ones and three hearts to love them even more?

I also love Camilla's principles - to produce quality swimwear that will last throughout the years and also would make the perfect 'hand me down' to siblings, cousins and friends. Using high performance eco friendly fabrics - the fabric is made from re generated fish nets plus combining the chic and playful style of the italian seaside whilst being protected from the sun's harmful you ask? Each design has UPF50+ to protect our little ones delicate skin. Their designs are truely stunning and there are so many beautiful styles to choose from. Folpetto will definitely be my choice of swimwear for my two this summer!


I have to admit that I did struggle slightly to find alot of sustainable gift ideas for kids but then I came accross eco reminder wall stickers, helping to change everyday habits through simple design. Using 100% eco friendly, PVC and toxin free materials and 100% biodegradeable packaging these uber cool wall stickers made a practical yet unusual gift for kids whilst teaching them about the importance of saving water/electric etc from an early age. Not only do they pass on such an important message but they look seriously cool to lol! 

Unconventional beauty

Georganics are a company commited to minimising their impact and all their toothpastes and mouthwashes are made in West Sussex, England. They are passionate about making a difference and always use plastic free and biodegradeable packaging to ensure every product is recyclable or compostable. I love the fact that they use natural ingredients full of real flavours and textures.

I didnt know this but...conventional oral care products are potentially toxic to our mouth and bodies...I'm seriously thinking about changing my ways and buying a Georganics entirely biodegradeable bamboo toothbrush but an even more concious choice would be the Electric Sonic Eco Toothbrush which would make a fantastic gift for someone who wants to transition to a more sustainable life...with it's recyclable heads and long battery life! I would then team the sonic toothbrush with the Activated Charcoal Coconut Oil toothpaste, the blend of Active Charcoal from coconut shells and Organic english peppermint essential oil creates a natural midly abbrasive toothpaste and it comes in a glass jar with a lovely bamboo spatula. I'd also love to try the Wild Thyme Mouthwash tablets, these are great as they takeaway the need for transporting liquids which can always be risky, you just dissolve one in half a glass of water and away you go! In a nutshell I'm slightly in love with Georganics, not only do they have the most amazing story and core values but their products look the part and obviously do what they say on the tin... watch this space to see my transition to a more sustainable/healthier tooth care future.


Plastic can take up to 500 years to fully decompose!

Beauty Kubes are a zero waste, 100% vegan friendly zero waste packaging organic shampoo! Inside each box you will find 27 perfectly formed Kubes that each provide the gentle cleansing power for one wash. Infused with rose extract, coconut milk, pro vitamin B5, vitamin e, olive oil and a blend of organic palmarosa, orange and grapefruit essential oils. These cubes are just perfect for someone trying to acheive a zero waste lifestyle and I just love the idea, the reviews of this product are fantastic with customers saying they didnt even need to use a seperate conditioner after using the product!

Check out their website as you can order a sample to try at home without commiting to the whole box...this is such a great idea. The ethos of this company is fantastic as they commit to eradicating all plastic from their products. They also do a hair and body wash just for men which which looks great and also make a great gift for someone who travels alot, making it more convenient - saving space as no need for chunky plastic bottles.

My favourite soap from Bean&Boy...the amazing Turmeric and Orange. This is probably a bit to much info but it's actually cured an annoying eczema patch i've had for months so theres no way I will be going back to my usual synthetic plastic shower gels (also I really like the bit of orange sticking out as it makes it easy to hold and doesnt slip out of my hand)! Made in my hometown of Southend On Sea by the lovely Stacey who has a beautiful story behind her brand - she started making her own soap due to her young children having many allergies to shop bought stuff, so Stacey decided to strip everything back to basics and Bean&Boy was brought to life. I need to try her re-uasable hand made cleansing pads and the 100% cotton handmade face cloths which each take an hour to crochet...

Next I want to try the Avocado and Shea Butter soap, it sounds divine. Bean&Boy also offer a fab gift idea...a soap and soap dish making workshop held in the lush little town of Leigh on Sea!

Yes jewellery can be eco friendly to...

Black and Sigi REVIVAL...born from the concept of not throwing away, but breathing new life into your otherwise lifeless jewels (I love it already) and when I read closer I loved it even more!

Why wouldnt you want new jewellery, less waste and more enjoyment...this beaut of a sister team will create new bold designs from your rejected wares using their signature techniques to produce one of a kind designs.

Sustainability is at the forefront of KIND jewellerys ethos, they commit to producing ethically and and enviromentially sound fine jewellery. They have 6 signature pendants which offer a clean organic look, each one is a reflection of the world that surrounds us...dont they sound just dreamy?

I adore the Gold Crescent Lune Necklace which is perfect for summer and available in silver, yellow gold or rose gold. The collection is 100% handmade and this adds to the imperfect style making each piece unique! KIND also have a wonderful eco wedding collection made to order especially for you, as well as their bespoke collection...I cant think of a more wonderful gift than having KIND's founder Tansy Haak designing something so personal and precious just for you handmade in her London studio. Check out for more stunning designs.

For the lounger...

Tales of Thread produce beautiful lounge wear and accessories, sustainably made from around the world! They partner with emerging creatives and designers to enable access to market, producing stunning unusual designs, each packed in its own locally sourced laundry bag and hand finished with recycled glass beads... you can even have your initials stitched onto the garments for that extra personal finish which would really make a fantastic gift!

By empowering women to participate fully in economic life accross all sectors is essential to build stronger economies, achieve internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability and improve quality of life for everyone. You can find men's, women's and kids beautiful loungewear as well as gorgeous homewares.